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AIDA Freediving courses we offer..

Why choose AIDA when your learning learning to freedive

Its simple, AIDA is the symbol of freediving! It’s an international federation and is the single largest organizer of international freediving competitions, rules and regulations, there is no other higher standard of education.



This course will make you a competant freediver in just 2 days.


AIDA 3 STAR Freediving

This freediving course is very much the start of DEEP freediving.


Discover Spearfishing

Fish for dinner? – Find out more about our spearfishing courses.

Learn an amazing new skill this summer
Enhance your life and become a freediver

We make freediving fun taking it away from the two dimensional constraints of pure ‘line diving’ and bringing it in to the real world. Our goal is to break the stereotype of the competition freediver and bring freediving to the wider market. Its fun, rewarding and safe… Join us!