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Learn to Freedive in New Zealand

With a fullly qualified AIDA Instructor

AIDA Freediving courses we offer..



This is the freediving foundation course, you’re first step on the ladder.



This course will make you a competant freediver in just 2 days.


AIDA 2 STAR Freediving

The 2 star course is the natural progression from the 1 star course.


AIDA 3 STAR Freediving

This freediving course is very much the start of DEEP freediving.


AIDA 4 STAR Freediving

AIDA Instructor Course

These freediving courses will be available soon.


Discover Spearfishing

Fish for dinner? – Find out more about our spearfishing courses.

So why do you want to learn to freedive?

The AIDA 1 & 2 STAR course is by far our most popular course. It combines the 1st 2 levels of the AIDA educational ladder in a fun 2 day course. Some people ask ‘Why do I need to do a certification in freediving?’ It is less about the certification card and more about what it represents. It shows to the world and future freediving buddies that you have all the basic skills to be a safe freediver and to what level you can dive.

You really need to consider completing all of your AIDA certifications. Starting at the AIDA 1 & 2 STAR and moving forward to the AIDA 3 STAR and AIDA 4 STAR. You will need plenty of time to complete the courses, don’t expect to rush through them in  a summer, we would rather you come out the end as a skilled and confident freediver. It takes most people a couple of seasons to really nail the AIDA 4 STAR skills if they have never freedived before. Talk to us about what you want to achieve and we will set up a plan just for you.

First of all… well done! Its not going to be an easy journey, but you will never regret it once you get to the end.

The first step doesn’t involve us. That’s right, its all down to you. Get yourself a mask and snorkel and go to a sheltered beach, walk in to the water and get used to breathing through a  snorkel whilst looking at the underwater world around you. Even a deep rockpool will do. The next step needs to be you swimming with a mask and snorkel, so start without fins and just using breast stroke in still and safe water. This can be a swimming pool but it would be great if it was the sea. Once you are confident using fins and a mask and snorkel then guess what? Its back to us! Come and try out the AIDA 1 STAR course, its zero pressure and loads of fun.


We run a one day spearfishing course for those with a little less time on their hands. This course will take you through all the basics, equipment, safety and technique. It will cover some of the breath-hold skills but some people find that they want  a bit more time to practice that aspect.

The 2 day spearfishing course covers the diving and breath-hold aspects of spearfishing in more detail. It gives the student more time to practice the skills whilst under expert tuition. This course is great for both the total beginner and the more advanced spearo.