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The AIDA 3* freediving course is very much the start of DEEP freediving. 3* divers are trained to dive up to 30m and will start to experience the sensations of deep diving.

You must have completed the AIDA 1* and AIDA 2* courses to enroll on this course. This course takes place over 3 days (plus half day home study), and introduces some more advanced freediving technique all backed up by a significantly more detailed theoretical knowledge. We will perform the drills and techniques required for this course in open water and the pool.

Ideal for those wanting to get deeper than is taught in the 2* course, this level opens up a whole new world of diving. It could be said that this offers the first glimpse in to what competitive freedivers experience.

As this course requires some quite serious deep diving to take place we charter an MCA coded dive RHIB for your safety and ease of access.

It is also a great course to enhance your rescue and buddy skills.

This 3* freediving course costs $800

…and includes lunches, snacks and drinks, pool hire, MCA coded RHIB (boat) hire, and all equipment (although you should start to think about acquiring your own kit at this stage). No hidden extras!

Deposits can be taken for courses, please contact us for payment plan details.